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In a Little While

In a little while, I will be leaving this forum again. It is a great forum, but I do not want to rely on it to reassure me. I know others can relate to my situation, but it isn't so much as relation I need than people to challenge me. I want to be able to calm myself down. Reassure me without having to go on google or to my parents or other people. I'm still dealing with anxiety, but I KNOW I will get over this and help so many people because of it. When I hear people say to just live with it, I laugh, because anything is possible and even if recovery wasn't as common as it is, you just need one story to inspire you.

If I could ask one person who has overcome anxiety completely, I'd ask, if they could, would they go back in time and prevent it from happening....or would they be grateful for it and what it has thus encouraged them to do?

Nothing I fear is as bad as living a life in constant fear. Because the only person holding me back, and the only person who can apply the tools I've been given to overcome me.

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Aw you were of great help.

And I hope your recovery from this comes soon good luck on your voyage to getting better :).



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Take care girl! You've been a great to help to many of us! You are really making huge leaps to recovery and I'm so proud for you!! You are right--nothing is more scary than living a life of fear. And yes, I've overcome this before. Would I go back to prevent it? Oh goodness yes! Lol!


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