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Hello everyone

So I've been dealing with anxiety for 7 months now and i really am so sick of this crap. I wanted to know if anyone here has health anxiety and tends to over think it and it consumes ur life. I want to get on medication so i can start living life instead of fearing it. So my question is what medication do u take and how does it help u with ur anxiety. Im 23 years old with 3 kids female if that matters lol thank u all im in desperate need of help.

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I have severe health anxiety/phobias. It consumes every minute of every day! I've been dealing with it for about 13 years. I'm 23 also and the only med I think has helped me is alprazalam (xanax) but is way addictive. I've been on almost all anxiety/depression meds most common and I hate being on them because I get addicted and rely on them. If i could I'd go back and not be on as many meds that I am! But the alprazalam I can say truly helps. Good luck!

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I've had health anxiety off and on (more 'on' than 'off') for over 20 years now.

I refused all medication and try and cope best I can. I did have some counselling a long time ago which vaguely helped.

My only advice (which I don't follow myself) is don't Google symptoms - Dr Google will terrify you every time without doubt!

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Hi I'm 27 with 3 kids I have really bad health anxiety it's horrible I'm distracted in day but when I put kids to bed it all starts heart palps head ach fear that I'm dieing I went to my gp and he put me on Citalopram been on them 5month now feel a lot better if u ever need to talk just message me I've had every symptom going lol had this mental illness for 11 years hope u get better xxx


Hi, Im on Citalopram too 20mg. only been on it for a month but I can already feel the difference its making. I don't feel so anxious if i have to go out somewhere.


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