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When every ache and pain sets of alarms what do you do?

I know that:

Everyone gets pains ( anywhere on/in the body)

9?% of the time they are benign

When it's time to go the doctors according to my doctor is if it's persistent and when you press on it it gets worse emergency = unbearable pain.

so why do I immediately think of something dire??

Do you??

I'm here laying down in bed and I'm laying on my side I lifted my head so I sort of did a side crunch when my heart left side of breast but center close to sternum I felt a squeezing sharp pain immediately I got scared and thought It was my heart being crushed I felt weak afterwards with shoulder and arm pain.

Why does my mind think this way??

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Because you are hyper aware of every small sensation.

For me, I use logical explanations. My hands ache. Why? Well, I have been on my phone, I tighten my hands when I am scared, and I am taking herbs that help clean the system so this can also be the result of detox.

My neck hurts. Why? My sleeping position has been lousy. I am always looking down. My posture (normally great) has been bad.

These are explanations that are 99.9% more likely than any worry you could have.

Heart flutters? Well, I have had anxiety. My chest does not hurt and I am not in pain. I would know if something were wrong and if something were wrong, my brother is a nurse.

I do not go to the doctor's for every symptom. I have gone once. In almost six months, I have gone one single time. And I am perfectly healthy regardless of how badly I feel and THIS is what you need to tell yourself. Because you are fine.

Neck pain? Normal. Weird symptoms? Normal. With anxiety, any concern becomes possible. You gotta break the cycle.


I had something similar the other day and began to freak over it but realized it was probably just anxiety and tension. It is part of being hyper aware of everything in your body. It takes practice to break this cycle but it can be done! I'm trying to break the same cycle. The key is to do something else to get your mind off of it. Don't give it the attention it is seeking, because it only grows when we mull over it.

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