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I woke up today telling myself im tired of this. This anxiety does exist but if we think of it so much worry bout it then it appears in our minds. Anxiety is caused by stress find wat ur stressful about n find a way to get rid of it. Be in control must anxious people feel like their not in control thats y i recommend breathing techniques, tapping. Now i want you all to think positive whether ur worry bout someone dying wen their our think bout another thing that could have happen like winning the lottery ticket its the same chance. Be religious, over my experience ive learned that if we think bout it so much we end up having it. The law of attraction wat we focus in our minds we attract. So what if the anxiety happend you have dealt wit it before u will overcome it. I say dont be afraid of it just do the things u love at a slow pace and youll get were you want to be

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Thanks for posting that. I needed that reminder.:)


Np never give up

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