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Faintness and weird head feelings

For almost three years I have had weirdness sensations.

I feel faint/lightheaded A LOT! I get weird numbness inside my head, off balance and can get weakness in my arms or even heaviness at times. I feel like I can't see properly, at times feels like one eye goes one way and the other the other way.

I'm not on any medication, have been to so many Drs and an ENT who have all told me its stress and anxiety. It makes life hell and I just can't believe this can all be caused by anxiety and stress!!

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I thought only i felt like this.

Weakness on left side,feeling of imbalance and can't walk for long .

Feeling of weak and with no energy .

Eyes can't focus properly


I have the exact same symptoms as you except I have muscle twitching


I feel the same 100%... hang in there.


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