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I was trying to sleep and I felt so dizzy and when I closed my eyes I began to see loads of different colours and coordination a of them, then I started seeing lots of different cartoon characters as if I was on some sort of mad trip, this was only if I had my eyes closed for long enough... I've been unwell lately and I suffer from deporsonalisation and derealization disorder triggered by a panic attack on weed, my panic attack has stopped but I still feel as if I'm going crazy!!! Things aren't the same anymore and I'm doing my best and still failing all the time. I really don't remember what life was like before and I'm afraid I never will again help help help

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Ugh, depersonalization sucks. I still have it and it has been four months. Sometimes, it can still make memomentarily be like, woah, but you really have to accept that it can do all kinds of things and is not dangerous.

The only reason it lasts for people is because they have not accepted it to be what it is; a result of stress.


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