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Health anxiety/ heart

Woke up feeling great today! Then got to work and I felt as if my heart was being constricted, it wasnt harsh pain. it was dull. Half the time I couldn't feel it. But if I moved a certain way or tried to do somthing to make it happen I could feel it there. I have really bad anxiety, the past 6 months have been exhausting to say the least. I have palpitations, especially if I drink it can get bad and I start to freak out. I'm 21 years old. Used to be in good shape but the past 4 years i havnt been exrevising or eating very healthy. Does anyone else deal with this? Very worried may go see a cardiologist asap. Any advice of personal expereince will be much appreciated. Thanks guys!

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Alcohol will only make things worse, I used to get bad anxiety including palpitations the day after drinking, so do not drink anymore.if you have any issue with your heart it's best to get a doctor to check things over....I'm sure it's nothing sinister.

Hyperventilation and dehydration can cause some nasty anxiety related symptoms, so alcohol will not help with this either.

All the best


I get this its because in the back of out mind anxiety is ther we thinking wer not thinking about it but we are ther hence it will creep up on us in the day and get us when wer most vunrable I have a lot of physical symptoms im 21 to what symptoms do u get?...


Palputations, hypervention, chest pain, chest discomfort, trouble breathing, dizzyness, derealization


It's different every day, even when I'm trying to relax and watch a movie I'm in fear some health problend is going to over come me and it affects me physically and drives me crazy and stresses me out.


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