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It's been a while

I haven't been on here in a while as everything was getting better. I stopped my medication as it was making me feel unwell. I tried it for 5 months and it just wasn't working out for me. I feel better 80% of the time now but now and then I have really bad days where I just get sudden spikes of fear and dread that I'm never gonna get back to the way I used to feel. I miss being myself. I can feel like I'm getting there one minute and then all of a sudden I'm back to feeling how I used to. Anyone have any recommendations on beating anxiety without taking medication etc? Diet/exercise?

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Praying and asking God to help is my lifeline. He always shows me things I need to do differently when I ask Him for wisdom. For example, I realized that I felt much worse after eating empty carbs, anything sugary, and too large of a meal in general. Try journaling to see what may be triggering those bad days. It could very well be related to your diet. Hope you start feeling better soon!


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