Forever feel like I can't breath and my heart is racing

Everyday I feel like I'm going to die my heart is constantly racing always in the 90 or 100s I take antentol for my palpatations and it don't seem to help! My doctor just fed up with me now. I get this choking feeling also like I can't get enough oxygen. I really don't wanna feel like this no more I'm only 19 just want my life back. Everyday I feel like I'm just going to drop dead and everyone just getting sick of me

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  • I have had this all my life, i wish a doctor could feel this anxiety and know what its like, its a living hell. I sympathise with you completely, i am 67 and believe me your heart will not stop but it is very distressing. Do you take something for your anxiety? Doctors don,t seem very sympathetic for the likes of us!

  • Hi there Kaylala - I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through this. Like delithnmck1 said, your heart will not stop (though I understand it certainly feels that way!) - it's such a resilient organ. I was going to suggest asking your doctor about Beta-Blockers until I looked up Antentol and found that it is actually one. I have taken Propranolol (also a beta-blocker) in the past and found it helped tremendously with the palpitations.

    Perhaps ask about switching to an alternative Beta-Blocker and see if that helps?

    Wishing you all the best x

  • Also, and this may not be of much use if the palpitations are constant, but breathing exercises or regular meditation may also ease you a little bit. There's lots about both on the internet - might sound a bit 'hippy' but everything is worth at least one go! x

  • Hello delithnmck1 yes it's horrible ain't it Iv had aniexty for 6 months now and feels like iv had it for a life time I just want it to go away

  • I am on anti depressants called mirtizinpine. Been on them for about 3weeks b1990, my heart rate is so fast all the time just scared I'm going to die soon

  • Hi kaylala .. regardless of my anxiety state my heart is always in the 90s (im a hyper gal by nature :) and most of the time I don't even feel it. But there are times when I get palpitations n I get that thump in my chest that I then freak out a bit.. it scares me.. even though it never last long maybe a second or two. . ive had them on n off since i was 18.. im now 34 and I'm still here. . I don't know why I let them still scare me. . I guess in my head its just what of this is the one that does me in.. but I've been through all the test n my heart is fine. Just know your foing to be fine.. dont let anxietys trick scare u thats what it wants. Your not alone in this. . And just knowing that should make u feel a bit better ;-)

  • Hello Sam , yeh I know it's scary all the time my hearts beating fast. Just scared I'm going to die! Had this aniexty for about 6months just wish it will go away, I'm a constant worrier

  • I know ur post is old

    But have u had your thyroid checked?

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