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Hello all and I do hope we're all well.

Been looking into other illness/ailments that carry similar symptoms to that of anxiety and I have seen that many many of the possible similar symptoms are of diseases and illnesses that are predominantly caused by inflammation.

With this in mind (and me being a nutritionist) I have decided that an anti inflammatory diet would at least be beneficial if not be the answer to a lot of the problems.

You see our brains and bodies are a very fragile system and it doesn't take much to upset the balance. I personally have been eating a rather unhealthy diet for a good few months leading up to my anxiety symptoms I know I should know better.

I'm not saying that it is the cause but I do hand on heart think it would be a great help.

Anyway I will report back and let you all know if I see any improvement with the diet changes. Also if be more than happy to help anyone on here with any health issues that may be diet related.

Free of charge obviously (if your going through what I'm going through that's the least I could do to help)

Anyway this is just a theory of mine but in the process of this diet I will lose weight and know that my body will be healthier regardless if my mind let's me believe it so win win either way.

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I completely agree with you ! I have had horrendous anxiety for about 18 months now and I am very much a yo yo dieter and I know that my anxiety symptoms are 10 time worse when I am eating 'crap' .. Take aways, sugary food , fizzy drinks instead of water ! You are definitely on to something and I for one would be very interested in hearing your results and any suggestions you may have for me xxx


hi undesirable, you are very smart, the next step is the most difficult for most of us- action, but you'll be fine, the results from good change of diet might take couple of months but if it works keep dieting.


Thank you for sharing.


Great! I would love to change my diet!


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