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So anxious can't cope

Hi people hope your all well ive severe health anxiety disorder and cancer phobia and ptsd this last week it's spiralled outta control I can hardly eat I've lost 11ib in a week feel so helpless constantly shaking feeling sick got the squirts just feeling of dread all the time I can't go anywhere without breaking down just don't know what to do just feel dizzy all the time please help

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Hello big hugs to you, I've been struggling the past few months with health anxiety and PTSD, nothing is going to harm you and your not going to die or anything, i can't sleep much, constantly panic, don't go out, dizzy all the time diarrhea, sickness, stomach ache, head pressure, back pain, palpitations, heart racing ect I get all this every day and it's very hard to cope with, my doctors are having to give me liquid medication now as I am afraid to take tablets in fear of chocking, sometimes you have to just sit in a quiet room on yourself and just give yourself a reminder that all these feelings are anxiety and eventually they will go away, putting my earphones in and cleaning away normally calms me down. I hope you are okay anyway, if you want someone to talk to I'm here :) xx

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