Upper stomach discomfort and lower back

Hey guys I'm not too sure on where to post this lol.but if you guys can help me it would be great . For about 3 years now I have had discomfort in my right lower back not pain just discomfort . When I sit down I can feel like a pressure or a bump is wat it feels like when I sit a certain way only on right side.and my upper right side quadrent stomac under right Brest is tender not sore or anything just tender any body no what this is ? Been going on a lil over 3 years,. A while back I was told I had a ulcer and went on tecta for a month.i also have bad anxiety but doing better now . Any help would be great thanks guys

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I have had a similar sensation, but without the stomach part. I could be a pinched nerve. For me I found relief by simply taking my wallet out of my back pocket. Wearing a wallet also can cause a misalignment of the spine. Of course I have no idea if you wear one at all... The "tenderness" you describe as opposed to soreness sounds as though it could be a nerve. There is a muscle condition that actually causes certian muscles to slightly buldge. Normally you cannot see the buldge unless you are in a specific position. It can be caused by stress and can also be relieved with massage to that muscle. Im sorry I can't recall the name of the condition. I am also just speaking from personal experience and hoping this helps.


Have you been to the doctor about this?


Thanks guys Dident no what was going on lol. And I have Bren to the Doctor actually 2 different ones and they told me ulcer .. It don't bother me it's just awkward lol thanks guys


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