Does anybody else's head feel funny?

Does anybody else feel as if they can't stay in focus ever, always getting sharp pains, dizziness, confusion and a floaty feeling in their head? No matter how calm, happy or anxious they are. Feels as if I'm not in sync with everything around me and nothing feels normal. Anybody else feel this way or similar, any advice or opinions?


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  • James 43,

    Yes, I feel like this on a daily basis. One foggy episode after the next. Like I'm out of space. I have tons of scary feelings. I wish you well my friend, you are not alone. Blessings to you

  • Hi,

    This sounds like derealisation or depersonalisation. It is very scary and is part of anxiety/panic. I have this some times and is not a nice thing too go through. Go to your doctor to clarify this. Meditation usually helps.

    Hope this helps. Take care

  • I feel this way for yr.Get a few things checked out. Check your vitamin D and B12 levels. ALso look into TMJ which is a jaw condition. I am going to PT because my posture is bad and my muscles are very tight in my neck and shoulders. Also consider trying accupunture and something called dry needling. There is a board also called dizzy board where people like us gather and talk. I am going for a sleep study to see if my crappy slepp is the problem. I was told it was depression by so many doctors and tried meds 3 times and it did not work for me. I don't think it's depression for me but it could be for other here. Check out the simple things I mentioned, it could be a simple fix. I also read that it could be a lack of magnesium so get a full blood test to see. ALso check your thyroid.

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