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I posted a couple weeks ago about my chest symptoms. I am now going through different symptoms and I am terrified. I went to the doctor with throat pain which I had tonsillitis. I was given antiobiotic and tested for mono which came back negative. I am now experiencing random periods where my throat burns for a couple seconds but goes away. I also feel like what might be a pinched nerve in my legs and feet when I walk. I do have mitral valve prolapse which causes tingling in feet not sure if that is the cause. I'm also having weird gurgling sensations in my chest mostly when lying down. I mentioned that to my cardiologist but he didnt seem concerned. Now I am terrified of having brain cancer which I heard about last night. I am now tonight getting random moments where I feel really dizzy if im focused on something for a little while & have a headache and I'm freaking out. I did have a cat scan in september when I was scared I had a brain tumor. I have all types of new symptoms everyday I don't know what to do anymore ;(


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  • Che921,

    Some of your symptoms are coming from the things that you know are wrong like the tonsils' and mitra valve prolapse, however, the other symptoms you are experiencing could very well be anxiety. If your tests came back negative, like the rest of us, it's anxiety. Blessings to you!

  • Are you taking Calcium and Magnesium suppliments for your MVP? They can help with anxiety also. The gurgling could be your digestive tract working or some acid reflux.

    As for brain cancer, I advise to try not to self diagnose, especially from the internet and TV. My experience has been that if I learn of something with similar symptoms, my body or mind will create the others. That is why I avoid those TV shows, even my favorite.

  • I personally feel that anyone with health anxiety should just not watch those shows cos all it does is upset and make folk more anxious. What might help is finding out what works for you whether it be meditation, relaxation tapes, exercise or keeping busy. These don't make the anxiety go away but help us to cope on a day to day basis. Also going to your doctor and telling them about how you feel and asking for their suggestions could be a positive step forward.


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