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Anxiety Causing numbness

hello everyone, just wondering if anyone else gets numbness when they experience anxiety. i get numbness in my skull and jaw, almost like a tickly feeling and last time i had it i completely freaked out lay flat out on the floor and was sick 3 times and was roasting hot and felt yucky, and sometimes i wake up obruptly in my sleep gasping for air and freaking out. does anyone know anything that can help?

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YES! I have had and still have all of the symptoms that you described. One time my bosy was numb and tingling for 4 days straight. I went to the emergency room and they took blood, ekg for my heart, and took my vitals. Everything came out great. They gave Xanax to calm me and sent me home. It's anxiety is what i'm told over and over and over again. I hate anxiety and I want it to go away! I pray that you overcome all of you scary feelings!


Same boat. I feel like when I get any symptoms I'm going to die but all my results came out fine too and it's happened a few times and I haven't died yet so just needing to fight the voice in my head. But it has been really hard, I have lost count of the amount of times I have broke down and cried cause I just want to be normal again. I do find my vision weird as well, as if everything I see feels way to real and time goes by so quick

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I get the tingling and numbness in my hands and feet sometimes buzzing sensation. I woke up one time too gasping for air and my heart felt like it was gona beat out my chest anxiety is horrible I hate it.


hello there, has any of you gotten better since? I think I'm getting the same feelings as shuggz and kenya40


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