GAD for a 16 year old ?! Getting weird symptoms

hi I'm 16 I have GAD I'm getting weird symptoms like:→ I'm feeling weird in my head and having weird types of headaches ?! I also feel numbness in my left arm and leg I stoped "Googleing" thinks cause it makes u worry about things u don't have so I just want to know if this symptoms are normal? Ps I should add that I feel like I have a flu ! Tnx

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  • hiya, flu can make you feel like that, but I can't comment on the numbness.

    I am pleased you stoppled asking dr google, but you can always talk to your local pharmacist.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • Its normal I have gad and my head can feel really messed up.

  • Hey man I'm 19 and just recently found out I have panic attacks and gad I had my first 3 days ago and since then I get occasional numb spots on my left arm and hand and weird thoughts always thinking about my condition your not alone I feel exactly what your saying xx

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