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I need answers please

I've had this problem for a while and never thought it was OCD but no I think it might be or some sort of anxiety. If I'm looking at someone and the light is shining on their face, if I blink at the lightest part of their face, I have to blink at the darkest and the second darkest. it's so annoying. I try hard not to and try to resist but I feel uncomfortable. if I don't and I leave the room, I will picture the person in my head and blink at their face then. it happens with eyes, if I blink at one persons eye, I have to blink at the other. I also get horrible anxiety like saying 'here' in the register or I'm petrified of speaking I front of the class. ergh I shake badly and get lumps in my throat. please someone tell me what it all is!

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Sounds like ocd or maybe mild tourettes. Ticcing is ok. If you feel embarrassed about doing this see if you can channel the urge into something else. My son has tourettes and he can surpress his tics thanks to his medication. But he gets headaches and releases them when he gets home. If you get the urge see if you can surpress them. If the urge is really strong try touching your arm for instance see if that helps. Elastic band on your wrist might help. You could ping it on your wrist if you get the urge. If it is an ocd, do you feel something awful is going to happen if you do not do this? You have to challenge this and resist it. It will be hard. But should get better once you challenge this. It will take time. Hope this helps. Take care.


thank you and I don't think something bad is going to happen, I just feel really uncomfortable and I try to not but I can't help it. I don't have any ticking though. It's mostly blinking, but I do get it with touching as well, if I touch a thing, I normally have to touch it with the other, just to make it even. if I do have something I think it's mild. I have had it for years and never thought anything of it, but thank you and hope your son is okay :)


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