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I have the same issue as you except your terrified of throwing up I'm convinced that I'm Allergic to everything and I'll stress for 2 hrs after eating something constantly check my throat check my heartbeat per min chug water it's awful. It's paralyzingly and it's hard because I'm pregnant and I need certain vitamins and nutrients for my baby. Even if I have had it before it doesn't matter because an allergy can occur at any time. Some days are better then others but it's awful there's days I tell myself I'm never eating ever again. I have a constant fear of my throat closing up and I'm pretty sure that's where this phobia of being allergic to everything comes in. It doesn't matter what others tell me I cant shake the feeling of complete dread. I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for awhile some months I'll be great then I'll hit rock bottom again and each time y hole keeps getting deeper. Idk it's hard and I can def relate to you. Feel free to msg me back. Maybe we can help each other get over this horrid issue.

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I have to eat the same things I've had before, I can't try new things because I think I'm going to have an alergic reaction,choke or my throat will close up, I have to have 2 pints of juice/water when I have anything to eat, I find it easier when I do that, sometimes I cannot even swallow my foot and have to spit it out, everything what I eat I have to have eaten quite a lot before or I won't have it , I'm terrified when my boyfriend orders takeaways because I don't know how stuff is made and what they have in them. It goes with all household products/toiletries too, it's took over my life xx

Yup I can relate. I do that also chew my food then spit it out it's a type of eating disorder. It's really bad tho, because your stomach will produce the acid in your stomach waiting for food to come and it'll burn and tear at your esphagus over time. I drink at least 8-11 cups of water everyday. I have to have water, cough drops, and benedryl on me at all times or I will freak out. I do bad if I don't every single ingredient that goes into my meal and then I'll have to resure myself that Iv had it before. Before when I wasn't pregnant I'd be lucky to get 350 calories per day since being pregnant it has helped me cope with it a lot for the better but it's still so hard. My advice isn't to get pregnant tho!! They have rehab for this and there's always therapy I'm going to look into it as soon as I get covered. Best of luck and I'm always here to talk and compare notes! -Alyssa.

Thankyou and you take care too, Amy xx

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