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Is it just Anxiety?

So I have been fighting anxiety for about 6 years and I am currently 17. I need reassurance that I am not crazy and just to vent. I have been seeing both a psychologist and therapist, so I have been getting help. :) I was diagnosed in about 6th grade with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and this disorder has so much that comes with it. I know how to deal with anxiety, but of course it still gets to me. School, by far has been the biggest obstacle because of how nervous I get. I also have a HUGE fear of throwing up. This has been so hard. It is even harder now sense my anxiety has developed extreme nausea again. Another thing that came along is even more disgusting since I have such a nervous stomach you can guess what it is. So all these symptoms do not help with my fear. Does anyone else have this problem too? How do you deal with it? I also have developed intrusive thoughts or obsessive thoughts. These by far are the worst. I cannot accept that these are normal and I am a terrible person. I need that reassurance from people who actually deal with it. My therapist has told be many times how good of a person I am. I somewhat believe it, but I would accept it more from people who actually deal with the disorder. The thoughts I have are just so disturbing and somewhat delusional. A big thought I am scared of is that I have all these other mental illnesses. I check websites just to reassure myself, which isn't all that good. I just want to know if I am not the only one and that I am not crazy. Is it all just anxiety?

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Hi & Welcome

Sounds like you are suffering with anxiety but please be reassured this can & does get better

Have you spoken to anyone about how you are feeling maybe your friends, parents , tutor ?

Lots of members will relate to how you feel & there are so many younger members that suffer just like you we have a few on Living with Anxiety , if you follow the link & post I am sure as well as on here other members will be able to support you to :-)





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