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Anxiety? Help

I dont get whats going on. Im a 16 year old boy, im confident, popular, i have a girlfriend of 1.5 years. I have hobbies and interests. Im outgoing. I dont know if this problem is anxiety i havnt got a clue. Basically at parties 9 times out of 10 i will go in there, get a hot flush, feel ridiclously nauseous and more often or not be sick, even if its not food in my sick its just a natual body liquid forcing itself out of my body, stinging my throat. I hate this problem because i cant enjoy a social life, it happens at near enough every partie i go to. I dont have to drink anything for this to happen, (alchohol) it just happens. Me and my girlfriend had to leave my bestfriends birthday party last night because of it. It makes me feel sad and depressed. Help me

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Hi :)

Have you seen your doctor about this? If not I would pop along and get checked out.

If you're interested there is a website called Kooth.com

It's aimed at young adults and is very good.

Hope this helps ;)


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