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Now its my turn

Ok so its my turn to complain.. im ill in bed, running nose, sore throat, fever, cough . Feel sorry for myself . Trying not to panic because i havent for a few days but generally feeling anxious because its that time of year again . Winter germs bugs flu etc . Every year i catch everything going. Im sick to death of it . Im told i have anxiety which may be true but i feel like every winter im ill so much and i feel pain so easily that maybe its my immune system or someother problem causing me to get ill and that leads to the anxiety and makes me depressed because i suffer so much when i do get ill. Then im constantly on the look out for people with germs because im scared to get ill again because of not coping with the sickness and pain. Help plz

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Oh and i feel like i should say im 41 i have had 4 children so its not like i dont know what real pain feels like


Try cleaning your house to get all the germs away and take medications (Ask your doctor) Go outside some more and take fresh air. Be happy! (Don't share germs with anyone) I think the illness will last for a few days once you take medications. You should gulp salt water to release mucus away and having dry throat. (Don't drink it) Drink lemonade with honey, it helps the sore throat and coughing less. Don't go and lay down on bed all the time! Even when you're tired.. Go to your doctor and your doctor will give you medications for fever, cough, etc. if it keeps on happening. I'm sure everything will be alright. ~Tiffany


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