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How did anxiety start?

How did all your anxiety start with you guys? I had a little problem many years ago but them pretty much went away then it all started one day a couple years ago. I went to a new doctor yesterday and he said that anxiety doesn't start just in one day it's a gradual thing. He thinks I might have something underlying that's causino my problems. My issues started with really bad brain fog and lightheaded. I couldn't remember anything or think of anything. Now my symptoms have changed to really bad dizzy like im on a boat on really ruff waters, I also get lightheaded like I could faint. Sometimes feel nausea. And my symptoms come and go through out the day. When I drive they get worse and I can usually get them to get better by laying down.

Please help with any suggestions I'm confused by the whole thing

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If your dizziness and light headed feelings increase when you drive, should you drive? Is it not possible for you to use other transport?

I certainly agree with your GP about anxiety being acquired by a series of events. The group therapy sessions that I tried had us explaining and discussing the events that led us to anxiety. Most described a chain of either being repeatedly left out of our depth by failing to cope or by outsiders repeatedly letting us down and us sinking into anxiety.

I hope you find your new doctor can help you discover better methods of coping with the frightening and despairing depth that can happen with anxiety. Regards Rib


Perhaps it would help to go back to your doctor and see if there is any chance of counselling etc in your area. in the meantime it might be helpful to look up mindfulness on the web. I believe there are apps that you can download but not done so myself.



Just a thought, have you asked your doctor to check you don't have a middle ear problem (the balance centre for your body) or Infection because that causes dizziness which in turn causes nausea....

might be nothing to do with anxiety in this instance..


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