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Post, bills etc

I am so overwhelm with letters to read and bills to deal and pay, feel I have to explain more or give more effort to be able to talk to customer representative, I feel upset when company's making the bills more stressful than it is in reality like Northumberland water, billing statement say my balance is £760 when I saw it I feel more frustrated in life, adding more worry that I have big debt to pay, wonder why it's so expensive when I just move in to this place? After long discussion waiting stress and shouting, expensive calls for a week, I finally understand that I don't really owe them because it's an advance bills for the whole year. Why can't they just make it simple and say this is your estimate bills for the whole year, instead it say your balance is £760 and you have to pay or you will be in trouble. This are the reason why I don't open letters/post.

Is there any way where energy company just billed us for what we used? Make bills simple and clear.

I have to find a way to make my life more stress free because I feel I have enough of people making my life hard with simple everyday task, I have enough, sometimes I just want to shout over the top with frustration

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I keep being sanctioned on my benefits, so I`m familiar with debt. Energy companies are the worst. I`m even recieving bills from a company that I was never a customer off in the first place!


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