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Feeling Lost

I am 23 years old Male and always been a worrier from past month or two I have this feeling of heavy head and eyes I also feel my heart racing all the time.I have this feeling of current going through out my body. I ended up seeing lots of doctors and ENT had an MRI scan and CT scan as well, they found nothing but I was assured that there is something wrong with me.I also got ECG done that also showed nothing.I keep on thinking about my symptoms all the time which make me even more stressed.I find it difficult sleeping at night.I think that I will be dying soon.I don't know if it is anxiety or what but I just cnt get back to being normal again .

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thanks :)

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Hi...I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing these things. The problem with anxiety is it makes us feel all sorts of ways (physical aches as read above) to mental incapacitaties and inabilities. Anxiety can weigh us down...constantly thinking of the what ifs and the future can put anyone in a altered state of mind. My advice to you is relax. Concentrate on your breathing and practice mindfulness. Live in the present. Don't let the negative thoughts win.

Feel better soon



I am trying to but finding it difficult to not to think about all this :(


This helped me a lot! i hope it help you as well, FACING whatever makes you suffer and ACCEPTING it are the first and the most difficult to do.. but once you got them you're half way kicking anxiety's ass :)


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