hi,anyone interested in sound/music

hi,anyone interested in sound/music

I am new on here,but recently fought a pretty shattering battle with ATOS/DWP and won,got my esa reinstated.Has left me feeling that if anyone else is going through any of the issues which arise from benefit assessments,I may be able to help,support or just advize.I'm not qualified but can't take injustice without at least trying to stop the bullying culture.

I have anxiety,depression and have some strategies which help.I make music in my home studio and find this really helps in diverting me from the blackholes we know as the enemy to our peace of mind.I have long spells where it's impossible to get out,therefore miss the interaction with other music minded people.I'm not technically proficient but,like to do anything with sound-sonic collage etc-wondered if anyone here wishes to do something similar via the internet.I find it to be good therapy and hope to meet others who may wish to give it a try.


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  • hi danjay1, I am pleased that music helps for you, we all need something :)

    I don't know anything about sound-sonic collage, but wish you well with it.



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