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Throat really grinding me down

About 1 year ago a plastic material at work gave off lots of smoke & gasses filling the factory. The next day I had a funny feeling in my throat around the left side of my Adams apple, this went on for a week or so before I dragged myself to the doctor's to be told surprise surprise it's my anxiety. I sort of excepted it & tried carry on as normal but this feeling just didn't subside so I went back to the doctors to be told again it looks okay & that it's my anxiety so again I sort of excepted it. I posted on here to be reassured & yes some other people had similar feeling. Well it's been 1 year now & it feels slightly worse & slight swollen as if my glands are swelling up slightly I also get a feeling that there is pressure building in my ear & cheek bone. I had a camera up my nose when I saw an ENT specialist to be told it's perfect but it feels external to me not actually inside my throat. What shall I do guys I can't get any more help from the doctor I've just got this feeling I've got cancer & the longer this goes on I'm doomed. I have a beautiful amazing wife & daughter we've got our whole lives in front of us but I can't help feeling & thinking this is the end for me. Shall I pay for a skan or ultrasound private what would you guy's do.

Thanks for reading please help.

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if the doctor said your throat is clear beleive them,i've had that exact symptoms for months ignoring it and it passes,but once in a while its coming back.try to accept the fact that its part of anxiety.stay strong and God bless.


Thanks for replying to me jasperram does your neck look slightly puffy as if your glands are swelling & does it get worse if you rub it & mess with it? I do wish it would go better I can't stop worrying.

Take care & god bless to you to.


your neck is not swelly,your mind is the one telling you its swelly.try to put your mind to other things,keep yourself busy.coz if you focus on your throat and neck you'll feel worse.stay strong.


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