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That time again

Hi everyone all my friends out there & those of you who reply to me too . Sorry Iv not been on for a few days just had an hectic time, just having a minute to myself & realise Iv had fuzzy head for a few weeks on & off,yet today just started again was gonna go sleep suddenly felt woo woo Iv got up to have a milky drink , I'm trying to except I don't sleep like I used to often think back to sleeping Soo well :-) bit our lives change & health too , wonder if I have a sinus infection or just tension aches but for a few weeks ? Does anyone get this il go docs & get checked out, I had a mini anxiety attack in my work meeting on Friday was awful

Sat there all I wanted to do was lay on my sofa with a cuppa tea ! Maybe it was intense to say the least . I was sitting there & trying to deep breath & tell myself everything will be ok.i also feel u cannot go into a deeper level of sleep for some unknown reason so I'm going to lay now in bed , just try & have nice thoughts & see if this fizzy feeling will go & hope fall asleep. Any ideas best to relax for night , I'm going to try tomo no phone iPad after 7pm pure tekax read a book xx oh & ears popping could be an infection .big cuddles to everyone. Goodnight sleep tight Binkynoo x

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i too don't always sleep so well and don't seem to sleep deeply at all. I seem to toss and turn a lot during the night. Like you I remember when I used to sleep well. Hope you feel at least a little better and if not that you have managed to make an appointment with your doc. I also find a hot water bottle and hot drink work well.



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