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Hello everyone my name is Moises I've been dealing with my anxiety about 10 years of my life I'm 20 now I can say it took my teenage years away but it didn't

I lived I laughed all those 10 years I cried so much because anxiety but I lived I made a friend of anxiety if u look at my old post you would see how bad I was but now its not as bad. Anxiety well never win unless you let it. I read a book called (at last a life? really awesome book a guy here told me about it and it changed me. I can say I've been through much anxiety cause me physical pain and weird symptoms I couldn't explain but they passed and today I can say I'm moving forward I read poetry I play basketball and I'm studying to be a basketball coach and criminal justice. Honestly I'm just saying if I made it so CAN YOU

It will pass

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Im 20 and I just discovered it doc says it's just pressure and it can't go away magically. I'm scared and I wonder how people got over that. Dude it's so bad I suddenly stopped watching horror movies because they make me feel like I'm in them rather than laugh at them the way I did just 3 months ago..I can't listen to electro music and I had to pass my birthday quietly with 1 drink. How do you get over this? I'm really curious about what you did


Hey umm will read this book (at last a life) I had to do my research on it if you need talk message me on here I don't mind


Hi firecandy,

I have been suffering on and off since I was 15, I am now 40. It all depends on what you have been going through, what the triggers/thoughts are. If you can identify them then you are half way there. I know I have a good few months, even maybe a year and then wham it hits me again. So bad I am none functional again. I hate it like most people. If you can eventually get through it, that is great. I am going to have to accept it is a part of me and will crop up every now and again. I am obviously a sensitive person and inbuilt to worry, stress. I care too much I suppose. I will have too toughen up. Lol.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Take care


Really inspiring victory. I'm going through it. And yes the weird symptoms that you can't explain. It's been hell. But looking forward for the day I can be normal again. I'm happy you found relief.


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