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Feeling so anxious right now !

Feeling so anxious right now on my own !

Girlfriends fast asleep cause I had her up all night with my panic attacks & anxiety ! But don't want to wake her it's not fair on her bless her !

Has anyone just started (CITOLAPRAM) 20 mg within the last week ?

I'm felling a lot lot worse now how long till the side affects work ? And they start to work? Iv had all the side side affects & symptoms from this :-( constant SERVRE anxiety & loads of real bad panic attacks ! Carn't sleep what so ever :-(

Suppose I'll just ride it out and hope it works for me !

Any advice would be really appreciated !

Thanks Michael ....

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Hi Michael

Sorry your not feeling good. I was on citalopram last year I started on the 10 mg cut in half so 5mg for 5 days then 10 mg after. Yes I had terrible side effects for a couple of weeks

I felt sick, couldn't sleep, lost my appetite which wasn't a bad thing for me. After the couple of weeks I started to feel better. I never had panic attacks perhaps you should see your doctor as no 2 people are the same. You take care. X


Thanks very much !


Hi Michael, I hope you are feeling a little less anxious now. I was on citalipram 2 years ago and I suffered bad panic attacks with them early on but they got better, after about 2weeks I started feeling like my depression/anxiety started to fade keep up with them they may help you. I am however suffering at the moment the dr has prescribed me Sertraline this time for my panic attacks, I had a bad one last night too.


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