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Stress and worry makes my GAD worse now I know the triggers what do I do about it ?

I run my own drama school it's our first day back this weekend , will they turn up or won't they .

There's a lot riding on what happens it's our living when I had a break down just about 2 years ago left me with GAD I think I'm getting better but it's a slow progress how much does CBT help ? I wonder will I ever I get better when I feel like I'm today so up and down

Kids have gone back to school and I found them stressful with there sibling arguments ( this makes me sad ) do any of you have this problem I don't mind day to day noise but shouting and arguments make me feel much worse teenagers add to this lip as I call it I've asked everybody to just be nice to one another ( is this to much to ask ) I have to admit that once or twice I told them I will have to leave ( I would not as I love them all very much ) my lovely hard working wife say that I'm over sensitive ( she might be right )

Some of you have heard my posertive stuff well this is not but I'm blipping again so I'm just being very honest about how I feel

Today I'm going for a walk and will do some PMR and getting ready for the big first day back ( I have a friend who comes and helps ) few thanks for being there guys

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