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Hi guys

Another wake up call from my panic attacks it's so scarey cause my girlfriends fast asleep and carnt wake her I'm so scared right now friends ! Pulse is slow :-( need calming down !

Is anyone suffering from a panic attack right now ? Who needs to talk to someone ? I. Right here if needed guys !

Any advice or support would be very graitfull right now !

Thanks Michael .....

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You seem to be heightened at the moment. It is awful to wake at that time in the morning with a panic attack. I normally try and go back to sleep by doing a breathing technique. Breathe in slowly to the count of four, hold for the count of one, then breathe out to the count of four again. This could take up to twenty minutes. I find I would rather do this and concentrate on my breathing in bed. If I get up the panic seems to worsen as my mind tries to find physical symptoms to focus on and these are all symptoms of anxiety and panic. Breathing can be done any time of the day. You have to make sure they are deep breathes so your lower tummy rises. Counting distracts your mind. It might take a while to get in the practice. It works for me by breaking the cycle of panic. Hope this helps. Are you on any meds for your panic attacks? Take care.


Yea thanks will try your technique !

I'm on (CITOLAPRAM) 20mg started 7 days ago !

U in the uk ?




Stick In there with the meds, they take a while to work. I am on 40mg at the mo. The thing is these meds do work but unfortunately the side affect for the beginning is severe anxiety! Bad innit? If you still feel really bad go back to your gp. They could give you something on top of this to make it easier whilst the citalopram kicks in. I used diazepam for 2 weeks. These are highly addictive so are for short term use. I took 2mg of a night time as I the same as you, woke on the witching hour (3 am) with panic attacks. Then maybe they could increase your citalopram. They have to increase it slowly. Yeh I live in the uk. Take care


Look into mindfulness, its really helpful with these symptoms. My therapist is brilliant and have been told for the first time ever - its not my fault. She explained what happens in the brain and how it is hard for us to control it but there is ways forward. Fear is fed off fear. Its hungry for it so if you don't feed it it will die. Next panic get up go sit at the window and breath in that air - listen for sounds you would not normally hear x I live in glasgow scotland


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