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Health anxiety


I am constantly worried about getting a serious illness or that I'm going to die, I try to rationalise it thinking last time I felt like this I didn't die but then I worry thinking what if this time it's not anxiety and something really is wrong !

I've always been a worrier but since have my two little ones it's got worse Maybe the resonsonlility or that I just love them so much I never want to leave them :( I constantly worry how sad and lonely it would be for them to grow up without a mummy :( they never see me down or feeling like this I'm always happy around them it's when I go to bed it gets worse

Anyone else have these feelings

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I feel exactly the same


Hi Terri :-) my anxiety kind of started when my son was born 12 years ago....before then I only had myself, my mum and my brother to think about...then BANG here is this little person totally dependant on me. My grandma died when I was 13 n she was like a mum to me. We was very close....I saw how my mum got affected by her death...I don't want to think of my boy going through that pain. Even though you are happy around your children they will sense something isn't right, kids are very smart and will know. I hope you feel a little better


Thanks for you're reply

Luckily I go through times without anxiety and panic attacks , I find the psyical symtons the worst usually they are with a panic attack , the general worry about health happens more I might go to the doctors soon but I feel so silly when it's not for a physical illness x


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