Constant anxiety..does anyone else feel this way

I always feel dizzy. Kinda out of my head neck is so tight that my ears hurt..kinda like a pressure in my head. My whole body is always tense. I clench my neck and face also which gives my mouth a werid feeling. Idk I really feel its not anxiety because I feel this way all the time. My doc said its anxiety. I was put on viibryd but I have not started it because im scared to try meds.


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  • Hi

    Mine is kinda similar get physical symptoms chest pain dizzy head pressure jelly legs daily. Some days i can just go with it without the panik and others panik rushes over me . I also question the docs a lot not believing that its anxiety . As for medication i took some for a while beta blockers but didnt really see a benefit. A lot of people say it takes time for meds to work and you should stick with them .

    Any way just popped on and saw u had no replies so thought i would offer one .

    Take care

  • Ty!! Im so tense in my neck and shoulders all the time that I dont even know how to relax anymore.

  • I feel u there my neck and shoulders are so tense . I keep thinking bout physio or acupunture or reflexology to see if this helps but just never get round to it .

    My big issue today is head pressure and fuzzyness at the top of my neck feel ready to lose it anytime needs a distraction from all

  • Hi just the same u worry not anxiety to get tolf it is .. feel so ill times honsetly know what going though ... even to nite lie here thoat funny ferl somethink back it .. I eant take med either good reason why .. but say help u and me derp down .. xx numb

  • I feel dizzy constantly too and i have blurred vision difficulty focusing tense feelings all over my body my neck hurts alot and i get daily bad headache s amongst other symptoms i question if its anxiety too i think we are surprised that it can lead too such physical symptoms

  • I also have a werid feeling in my chest like my heart is beating werid. I do have pic but I know its not that.I have health anxiety. Which I pay way to much aattention to my heart. Im always feeling my heart beat and at times I ask my bf to feeln it also. I have had heart test done but I still worry about it. This anxiety has really taken over me. I cant be alone and I dont go any where

  • My chest pain is usually to the far left when it gets more central then i panik .sometimes its a stitch like pain sometimes a wierd gripping sensation this is the one that winds me up worst .

    I find deep breathing helps . In to a count of seven pause then out to seven trying to get breathing controlled seems to be a big part of dealing with anxiety also positive thoughts help.

  • I only notice this feeling when im up and not sitting. Its not a pain...idk how to explain it. I pay alot of attention to my heart beat. Sometimes I wonder if I feel more because im skinny. Im 102 thanks to this anxiety. I have had ekg. Stress test. Blood work. Holter monitor came back with pvc ( palpatations) which heart doc said they are nothing serious. But my anxiety is so bad I dont believe a word a doctor says

  • Yeah im forever checkin my pulse it ranges from 67-120 deepbreathin and distraction usualy help to bring it down. I had numerous ecgs and a stress test all good but still cant shake the feeling that somethings not as it should be . Guess thats anxiety for you !

  • I feel really bad today jelly legs funny vision and so tired , also feel like I'm somewhere else any one got this feeling

  • Wow! I get the exact same thing. This anxiety stuff is aweful isn't it?

  • Hey there. I feel the same as you do. I remain dizzy and dull whole day. I too get chest, neck and left arm pain. I think i have health anxiety because whenever I'm alone in the house I start to panic thinking what if something's gonna happen me here or after some time and there's no one here to help me and all that stuff. I feel the same when I go to college. I manage somehow to divert my mind from all these pains and dizziness. The worst thing I did was to search my symptoms on Google. Now I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack. Just to be sure I've concerned more than 5 Doctors. I had an Brain MRI and ECHO two months ago. And don't ask about ecgs and blood tests, those are countless (about 4 times in 3 months). Yes it has been 4 months now. But one thing I can tell you is that my medications helped me with my dizziness. Its not gone but yes the level of palpitations and dizziness has decreased a lot. Trust your doctor he has worked hard to get there so ifhe says its anxiety then it is. I too have fear of death but after I consoled myself that it's anxiety my fear has decreased. Believe me we are in this together and we can fight it. My doctor gave me clanzeopam for whenever I feel anxious but he told me that this med is addictive. Trust me it has been 4 months and till now I haven't taken that med once. I believe in fighting the anxiety. Wish you luck and good health 😊

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