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Help please

Hi I've suffered from anxiety and panick attacks for 10years I'm 27 now I manage to controll them but resantly the have come back with a bang when I was 18 I got diagnosed with a pe ( a blood clot in my lungs ) I am so scared of getting another 1 I'm getting all kinds of symptoms i dnt no if it's just my head messing with me but I carnt sleep eat im a mess I don't no what to do does any1 have any ideas of how to get over these it feels like im going to die all the time thank you for reading if u need more info just ask thank you

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I've has anxiety since I was 16 it's terrible. However I hold down a good job and I think I am a strong person. I truly believe in doing relaxation tapes and there is loads of help on the web about changing your thoughts. I tell myself now if I'm going to die then I can't do anything about it so why worry about it. If you start to think like this eventually it does sink in. Have a look at something called mindfulness on the web also. I try and do something to take my mind off it bake sew or have my grandchildren round and get absorbed with them. Go and see your Gp for extra support. Good luck and don't forget there are millions of sufferers going through the same thing and lots of us yo support you xx


Thank u for reading my post I will defo read on web about controlling my thoughts it's just so hard as I've had a blood clot b4 (nearly died ) so I'm always scared its gunna come bk :(


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