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Don't know if I can wait

I have a doctor appointment tommorrow to talk to my docotor about my anxiety and some other issues I've been having. But i dont know If I can wait, I'm at work and I'm getting really panicie. I start to hyperventilate and have trouble breathing, i dont know if my lungs are problematic because I'm always coughing also. Im only 21, but ive been smoking for a few years now and i have really cut down and trting to quit. Ive been very close to going to the emergency room at night because I get like this every so often when it gets really bad. But i dont go and eventually I calm down but I'm still scared something will happen. I hope the doctor can help me out tomorrow

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Hi mranxious.

The hyperventilating can be very frightening,it's an old fashioned trick,but have you tried breathing slowly in to a paper bag,just hold it over your mouth and breath in and out slowly,till you feel your breathing more normally.

Good luck at the doctors xxxx


Its possible the smoking has affected your lungs by you lung capacity but tge anxiety might trigger the hyperventilation which in turn affects your lungs. It does not mean you have cancer or anything is wrong with you, just that your lungs have been affected by the smoking. Im not feelin like it is serious for you. But I would stop smoking if you havent already.


One more day,but surely help for You is only that far away.please imagine how great You will feel

Once your on the road to recovery

that first step can never be that bad

again it's done.I know a boy who

is 18 suffers some of same stuff

You are,maybe sometime You

Can help him too.Will send out good

Thoughts for You!! Keep us Posted

You Better!!!!


Hi mr :-) oh not long to wait. The dr will probably say "stop smoking, don't drink alcohol, don't eat fatty foods, even breathing is causing issues" lol pfft at dr's they one if the biggest hypocrite as they smoke, drink eat and talk lol you will be totally fine....just take a deep breath and count to 10


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