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A Helpful Note

Hey, so, if you are like me, perhaps youve researched your symtoms. A lot.

As in, spent hours in front of the phone or computer searching every feeling, assessing every sensation, freaking out at all the possibilities that crop up...

Which makes you feel worse and gives you more symptoms which continues the mom describes it as a lillypad...we hop from one worry to the other until we jump back to the original, etc., etc.

So one day, I stopped researching. A single day totally...made a difference. And now, I HATE the idea of researching symptoms. Yuck, no. I don't want it!

So if you do this, stop! This is when you know it has become an obsession. Stop.

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Thank you , that is me! Obsessing and it always just keeps me up looking for answers on internet! Makes me worse and does not help! You are right I am gonna stop today. If I have a concern, I will voice it at doctor! Thank you again


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