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Sometimes I just want to give up

Around this time last year I was suffering with severe anxiety. I lost so much weight, my friends and fanily were so very annoyed with me and that made me feel even worse. It took me ages to learn to control it and I hate thinking about that time, I feel so embarassed. People are used to me being all strong and they hate seeing me anxious and weak. Iv come a long way since then but now i feel like I'm slipping back. I noticed that most people on here are worried with health issues so do I but only to some extent. I am a perfectionist and I always care about what people think about me. The feeling is overwhelming and is so horrible to live with. I love my life, love my family and friends but find to to hard to cope with everyday stress and responsibilities. Sometimes I wish I was dead only because I am not able to cope not because I hate my life. I try so hard to avoid stresses and be perfect and nothing can be perfect. How do you guys deal with it? Xxxx

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Hi lova :-) life is far from perfect. We all have our ideas of what perfect is. I worry what others think of I'm getting older I'm getting to the point I don't care what they think. Every day is stressful in someways. Think of what perfect would mean to say a child in Africa with hardly any food or water etc...then compare your life to that? Is life more perfect? If we keep trying to be perfect we will never be happy :-) accept each day as it comes and if it's not what you expected...what was one good thing that came out of that day?


hang in there! I feel the exact same way you do! I am also a perfectionist and my therapist pointed out today that I put too much stress on myself, which has caused me to have my physical symptoms. I have recently been struggling with the pain/sensations that I have been experiencing and I just want to give up also. I have faith that things will get better and will improve. I have to keep telling myself that its ok to feel the way that I do, and the more I keep my mind occupied, the better I feel. Han in there, you are not alone!


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