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Sick of being sick !

Okay I'm new to this . For the past 3 months I've been experiencing headaches . Not like a stabbing pain but more of a tingling sensation or like a cool sensation on my head . Had a CT scan and it was normal all of my blood work is normal everything seems to be NORMAL ! My headaches went away for a few days and now they're back but everyday I wake up and feel nauseous and light headed . I get so scared to do anything because afraid to pass out or get sick . I've never been like this before scared to do anything . I just want to know if anyone else feels light headed when they're having anxiety , or even throughout the day. I saw that someone recommended some books to read that helped them. Anything that has helped you overcome your illness and help you learn to live with it I would appreciate knowing thanks

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Hi Jean,sorry to read you've been suffering so much. A lot of your symptoms seem normal side effects of anxiety. I believe a lot of it has to do with poor breathing. Sometimes I just have to sit and take deep slow breaths, sometimes that's enough for my anxiety symptoms to subside. I have seen that Dr Claire Weeks books are often recommended. You should be able to google her and see some of her books that I am sure are still in print. Hope some of this helps, Sam.


I get the same feelings, dizziness and head aches that come on quickly. Always nauseous feeling like im going to be sick. All of a sudden through out the day sometimes i feel like im 'falling'. I get really scared i will pass out or fall over or something while working. Went to the doctor and she said its my anxiety. Ive been dealing with this for ocer ten years and its extremely hard. I dont go any where because i never know when its gonna hit me. The best thing for me is to keep myself busy by cleaning or something tedious. Ive read books and done groups and work books. Helps knowing other people feel the same way but doesnt really make it go away or anything... i guess i cant really help you but iits nice to know somebody has the same issues. Sorry :/


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