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So the other night, i was just sitting down and i felt this heat in my ears and under my chin. When i went to bed, it was accompanied by this tingling/tickling sensation like id be sick but i never was, nor was i nauseous.

So, nothing happened. Next day, it wasnt there in the morning and only came back after i started thinking about it. I didnt eat much for breakfast and wasnt nauseous or anything.

Then that night, i read about GERD and got really freaked out, saw that people could get sick from it and that they usually got nauseous after eating.

And then, for the first time, afteri ate, i felt nauseous. Went to bed, nothing happened. Woke up hungrh, ate a few bites of eggs and later got really nauseous. I had a bad nights sleep, was in a different house since we were on vacation, and it was an extremely panicked time for me.

Now, i feel like i get that tingly/hot sensation every time i eat and am terrified it will make me sick. I dont eat a lot and liedown, im not obese, i dont drink caffeine and have very little soda.

Is this GERD? Im so scared because people can really limit themselves with this and im so scared ill get sick a lot.

I didnt have a fever, but i just feel yucky.

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Id get only about, 4-6 hours of sleep. I woke up feeling chilled and sore but i didnt have a fever. I went to bed feeling nauseous, but i was crying and it left in the morning. I dont have chest pains and the heat in my throat doesnt feel worse when i lie down. It didnt even start because i was thinking about something. It started when i suddenly started thinking about my throat.

I was in severe panic mode. Really bad. Ivenever cried thay much before in my life. Waking up, crying. Dreaming about anxiety. The hot sensation goes when i dont think about it or lessens dramatically. I feel that sick feeling.in my stomach you get when you dont sleep.

I only felt nauseous in my stomach after i read about GERD. It would be kind of dratic to feel heat once and then suddenly become super sick though, right? I didnt think thats how it worked. My brother is a nurse and is telling me it really cant happen that quickly.



If you feel you need to go to the doctors then you must go. Any symptom I have and it comes and goes through thought or coping techniques then I put it down to anxiety or panic. Some symptoms are very scary and you will know what is best too do. Keep a record of when this happens, it will then give you a good idea of what is really happening. What are the thought triggers? I also find that if you are able too do this when it happens and the symptoms subside it is anxiety because you are distracted by writing and if it was anything else it would still be present. Hope this helps. Take care.


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My thought triggers are generally that i will be sick or that this is more than anxiety.

My mom doesnt want to take me to tge docs because she feels there is nothing seriouly wrong and ahe doesnt want to continue to feed my anxiety, but rather help me through it.


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