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Thoracic chest pains

Hey peeps,

How are you all, been wondering something for a while so i thought id ask it here... Been having chest pressure fora while now... Been tested for heart diseases had 5 ECGs, Xray, Blood test turned out all fine last ECG was in may and i saw a cardiologist who said i was all fine and he didnt think something was wrong with my heart so at first i didnt believe him but in time i have learned to trust his expertise... But nevertheless it still was hurting... Well not hurting per se... More of a discomfort pressure in my chest and back mostly in tge mis chest section where the oeusophagus is situated and around the chest wall so i kind of started asking around and everybpdy was telling me it was cause by my anxiety... "You're just too stressed, and it gets you all tangled up inside" is what they'd tell me... Until i spoke to a psychologist who told me about thoracic chest pains after i told her about my sitting habits being pretty poor since i live in a small appartment and only have a bed to sit on... No couch... So im.curious about those but since im a hypocondriac i dont want to go check the symptoms out... So i'm asking here is there anybody who knows about those? If you do please hit me up

Thanks a lot


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It sounds like gas..if you're a smoker, or if you have a really bad diet and eat bread and processed foods too often, or if you crouch when you sit down, gas can't escape so easily, hence the discomfort. I'm absolutely no doc, I have chest discomforts myself and it's only based on personal observation. Do a small jog to get rid of it, eat fruits or wake up early and breathe morning air! Hope you get better...


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