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Is nausea a anxiety symptom?

I have severe anxiety and lately I have been having a problem with nausea. No I am not pregnant. But if I didn't know for sure that I'm not I would think I am that is how bad it is. Is comes and goes. I have not thrown up yet but think I could if I tried. It has been really bad all day today especially when I first woke up this mornong. I felt this week last week to maybe it's a little virus or something.

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I get nausea with anxiety,but if it persists I would get it checked out by your doctor,just to be sure x


Nausea is common with anxiety. I get it sometimes but perhaps get checked out by a doc just to be on the safe side (especially if you've had it a while). Although I have anxiety, I have a stomach problem that makes me nauseous and it's controlled tv medication now.


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