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A change of pace

If you didn't have anxiety, what would you be doing? Where would you live? How would things be different?

I would be outside with my kids, playing some game. Laughing and talking with neighborhood friends, I would be the woman people looked up to, they'd say look at her..she is a great mom. I would go on dates with my husband, make love on the beach. I would be walking my dog evry morning and getting a little jog around the block. I would go bowling, and dancing, and drive somewhere spontaneous

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Such a great question! And spending time with your kids sounds fun!! Wow if I didn't have anxiety if be going for runs every morning :-) I'd be a qualified driver by now driving everywhere :-) probably married with 2 kids as I wouldn't be so stuck in doors so I would have settled down by now. I'd be richer and more interesting. I miss walking around and going to the shops more than anything. Miss getting plenty of fresh air :-( miss going out with my siblings freely, hate having to miss out on day trips and hate having to get so many lifts!! but hopefully things will change one day xx


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