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Finding me

Hi all I hope you're all ok and if you need to talk I'm here!i just wanted to share with you that yesterday for first time in almost a month I got in my car drove to gym and worked out good workout !;)I'm so proud of myself because that derealization feeling has been constant and quite scary for me but yesterday I said enough is enough!!i did it and I' felt much better after to so I'm gonna continue to get to gym like I used to and hopefully stay busy try to focus on stuff around me and not hat feeling and hopefully it will go away!!!i don't want to be on any medication I just want to excercise ,eat healthy go back to work but maybe a diffrent one cause I wasn't happy there:/and I just want to be happy it's been hard over past few years especially because I've had no family support in my life and no friends in my life either:(which I don't understand cause I'm such a loving person!its just been me ,my boyfriend and two kids ,who I love to pieces ,it's just hard for me being such a social and loving person not to have friends or family close or even in my life for that matter:(my anxiety really started 3 years ago when I tried after couple attempts to go back to college agin and I did get through but barely I struggled in school since I can remember,I've had hard time with organization,memory,understanding it's been hard!all I've wanted was to finish school so I could have better life for me and my family so since it's just been harder and harder this past December was my breaking point and the anxiety was full blown I had to withdrawl from school and the depression started to really set in after awhile:(just feeling hopeless!i believe I may have ADD I did see clinical social worker and they agreed but I haven't been diagnosed yet...if any of you struggle with ADD feel free to share and also the anxiety ..thanks

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you did amazingly well! :)

remember to pace and take small steps :)


Thanks:)small steps?do you know if derealization will ever go away?:(


small steps, baby steps = build it up in stages, 1 day at a time :)

I don't know dee, hopefully others will know.

well done for getting to the gym :)


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