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Anxiety-breathing/ lung symptoms

Just trying to make heads or tails what's going on with my breathing, went to the doctor couple months ago and he said my lungs and heart sound good and it's probably anxiety but I just can't get to myself to beleive that anxiety is causing this shit storm I have been dealing with for months now, does anyone else's anxiety deal with their lungs or breathing. Please any advice/stories/ or insight will help me alot. Thanks guys

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Hi yes I have shortness of breath and uncontrollable heartbeat. Beats in a mad rhythm and sometimes so weakly I wonder if it has stopped. Anxiety and stress definitely cause this for me. I know because when I am fascinated by something else eg book, tv, Twitter (!) I have no symptoms til I stop.

It took me a lot of therapy to trust that though. I still get those fears but now I can control them better because I know it is my mind giving my body the symptoms.

Hope this helps, and seek counselling. Pay for a decent therapist if the nhs one is rubbish or you have to wait years for an appointment. It's totally worth it.



HI Mr Anxious

Breathing does get a little messed up with anxiety. The fear causes us to breath a lot faster than we would normally do this will then turn your attention to your breathing so you become more aware of how your breathing, if you start to panic about it then your beathing starts to become shallower and faster and this starts feeding more oxygen to your muscles this is turn can cause tingling sensations, chest pains, obviously palpitations etc. So yes anxiety can really mess about with our breathing, the problem is when we are anxious it is feeding the thought that there is something wrong with the breathing so you will notice that your breathing irregularites become blown out of proportion in your mind and lead you to think that something is wrong.

The old fashioned method for dealing with breathing control whilst anxious was to breath in and out of a paper bag for five minutes. Believe it or not this method works and does some how help regulate our breathing. So next time you get this if you have a paper pag handy give it a try.

In short, Anxiety causes a whole host of physical symptoms that can make us think there is something else wrong. If your GP thought there was a problem he would let you know. Have you talked to your GP about your anxiety condition? Maybe start looking at ways you can help yourself with the anxiety, therapy, minfullness etc.

Good luck with it all. I hope you start to feel better really soon.



Yes worrymagic is spot on I am the same feel like my lungs are not right only when I am thinking about it the mind does funny things I am the same.


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