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Hi, I had my first panic attack 3 days ago and I'm feeling really worried as it has come out of no where. I've now been having them regularly during the day and at night and I'm too scared to sleep and lose control. I've been into A and E twice thinking that there is something wrong with my heart, and have found that the only way I'm reassured everything is ok is by being close to medical professionals. If anyone has any advice or an experience similar to mine it would be great to hear from you. Up until 2 days ago I was a perfectly healthy and happy 27 year old, I don't want to feel this way!!!

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It's anxiety, I'm on the same boat. Look at my post. I already went through the cardiac stage of anxiety and I'm not scared of my heart beating or pounding fast anymore. I'm pretty sure it's the same with you :)


Hi! IVe had panic attacks, but some are different from others. I sometimes get this rush of ill be sick because i have a huge fear of it and my heart pounds and then its gone in two minutes.

Other times, i get an attack that feels like every bad thing is going to happen. Those are awful, but the.more you see they cant hurt you, they lose their power. Mine went away when i was focusing on the symptoms of.anxiety rather than the product. And it only came back, and im serious, when i thought randomly, well, what if they come back?

And they did. Not super strong, i could keep it from getting out of hand, but they only returned when i was focused and looking for it.

Just tell yourself the truth. And on days that have been especially bad, i always tell myself, tomorrow will be better.


Thanks guys, after 3 pretty full on days it eased up for 3. I now know I can control it, and when I have a fleeting rush of adrenaline I know one is coming and can distract myself. It's just been a matter or reassuring myself that it's not my body it's my brain and that seems to work. Reading everyone's posts helps a lot as it reassures that it happens to others as well.


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