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Is it just anxiety?

So I am a 20 year old girl who has been having severe anxiety. At least I hope it's anxiety. I'm not sure. Lately I've been feeling really strange. My heart races for no reason. My chest hurts me all over in different spots randomly. And back pain where my chest area is. I have bad headaches. Difficulty breathing at random times. My legs feel funny and hurt. My arms are tingly and sometimes fall asleep. I am constantly dizzy and feel like I'm gonna pass out. I feel fatigue and have no energy throughout the day. My muscles are so sore. I am constantly achy and don't feel right. It's always something new everyday that I worry about. I'm scared I'm just gonna drop dead from a blood clot or heart attack. Every morning I wake up feeling so down and weird. I feel like I'm gonna die any minute. I'm worried something serious is going on with me. What do you think? Please help!

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Hello there! First off know that you are not alone in this! I to suffer all of the symptoms you mentioned and others as well. It's to the point my anxiety has now affected my memory, concentration and verbal skills. I was on medication before and was handling daily life on a fully functional basis. I felt I could do it all on my own and stopped taking it.

That was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. Since I stopped the anxiety returned with a vengeance and to a more serious degree. I've since decided to return to medication to help me deal with this debilitating disease as at this point in time I need all the help I can get. I don't think it is the total answer to my problems but it's a step in the right direction.

Sure, some people can cope without meds. But there are some of us who require that extra help. No disrespect intended to anyone on this forum, but do not let other's experience with medication persuade you not to explore that option. You are the only one who will determine what options (counseling, cbt classes or

medication) will work for you!

Good luck and it will get better.

Mz.Dawn ;)


Hi nic :-) welcome.... Everyone has different feelings and symptoms of anxiety from very mild to major. There are some common symptoms ...heart racing (adrenaline pumping round your body) aching muscles (from getting ready to fight a danger or run) dizzy (that feeling of fear) feeling sick (your body getting rid of anything it won't need to fight) tingly arms (our bodies don't need skin to fight so it pushes away the feelings to the skin) It's all very much linked to fight the fear or run away. Sadly we are fighting an invisible fear and that's why it takes so long to go away. If your dr gives you meds .... Think about how you feel without them.... Would you enjoy life more if you didn't feel this way? Hope you are relaxing now :-)

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