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Health anxiety

Hi I am 23 years old. I have health anxiety I guess u would call it but anyways I had my first anxiety attack in May and its so scary. I worry everyday most of the day I am going to die. I have 3 kids I need to take care of and my anxiety gets in the way of being the mom I use to be. I use to love going on family trips, birthday party's, social places, and shopping. I can't do anyof those without r hhonking im going to drop dead right in front of everyone. I see a doctor on the 12th but I can't take it anymore. In need of help. Anyone have any tips? I try the breathing it doesn't help

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How are you doing your breathing. I breath in through my nose to the count of 4. Make sure it is deep breathing so your abdomen rises. Then breath out through my mouth to the count of 4. Depending on the severity of the attack. It can take up to 20 mins. Try and catch it early. If you can, lie down on your back and try and totally relax. I know this sounds hard, but it takes practice. The breathing helps in 2 ways. The oxygen is supplied to the brain and other organs and slows the panic and it also distracts the panic if you concentrate on your counting and your abdomen rising. You can also put a hand on your tummy to make sure you are doing it right. You can do this breathing technique any where if you catch your thoughts quickly before the physical and mental symptoms kick in. Hope this helps. Take care. We are all going through this you are not alone.

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Hi Megs, I know how you feel. I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. Every day for years I have felt as if I was dying. I am now 62 years old and still here to tell the tale. Please don't let your anxiety take over your life. I know it is really hard to do but get whatever help you can to overcome it. I so regret letting the anxiety overtake my life . Let your children help you to take your mind off things. Wishing you well. Best wishes Carol x



I find mewmew's breathing techniques work for me too as does simple exercise such as swimming on walking. Try and distract the anxiety by doing things with your children such as a picnic in the garden or the local park.



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