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Just wondering

I haven't been on for a while due to being busy and anxiety has stayed away but today I had family over i got a little anxious and dont know why. I then felt a wave of tingles go through my chest to my head. Then I couldn't stop coughing a sharp cough and had diarrhoea with out being disgusting but it felt like constipation at first. I also went hot and my nose was very stuffy is this my anxiety or am I coming down with something any advice would be great x

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Thank you. I know it can come back out of the blue but it was my family and like I said it hasnt affected me for a few months now I hate having anxiety :(


Bless ya so young to have anxiety im 31 and had it bad 2 months ago it stayed with me for over 2 weeks really bad. Finally started to feel normal and something happens and thank you for your help x


Thank you will do x


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