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People with severe anxiety and symptoms please read

I've been dealing with a ton of anxiety all summer, it started with my breathing and then I started getting it into my head that my heart could be faulty or somthing could be wrong with it. I did this before with my lungs, it was hard to breathe alot and the doctor said my vitals are fine but I still thought something was wrong. It got so bad that I thought I had cancer or somthing, now I'm concentrated on my heart and think I could have a heart attack Cuz I feel tightness in my chest and I actually had a little pain in my chest and I'm constantly checking my heart beat on my neck to make sure it's still pumping. Im only 21 and this should not be going on...Does anyone else get symptoms so severe that after a while you feel physical symptoms. Please let me know, thanks guys

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Oh you poor thing Mranxious. It's easy for me to talk ; I had these same symptoms and worries for many, many years until I got the help which finally worked. I've just been talking to jogurn and explaining that, for me, it was an antidepressant which pulled me through but that many people swear by CBT to alter their pattern of thoughts and behaviour.

Do you use either of these treatments ?

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Hi Mr Anxious

The answer to your question is yes. I have had every test possible on my heart over the last two years all these test were instigated by pains in my chest due to panic attacks and anxiety. If your doctor has checked your stats and he tells you they are fine he would not lie to you. He is trained to spot any problems. It would be very rare of someone your age to have any problem with your heart. Why not arrange another appointment with your GP so you can express your concerns and ask him if he thinks there is anything wrong or is it just your anxiety. Most GP's are very understanding of the anxiety disorder. Might be worth asking him if you can get some help with your anxiety too. But he will certainly put you straight about your heart. Make sure you tell him all the symptoms so he can understand fully what you are experiencing

I would hazard a guess that you are paniking over nothing but that is the nature of the the beast we call anxiety. If you find yourself worrying excessively about your health then you may be developing a health anxiety disorder, now this will drive you nuts if you dont get support for it. The earlier you seek help for anxiety the easier it is to deal with. There is a lot of support out there and your GP would be a great starting point.

I am talking to you as a health anxiety sufferer so I am talking from experience. It is a horrible disorder and one that requires proffessional help.

Good luck and let us know how you get on :)


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