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Night owl :-(

Hi everyone , is anyone there , just needed a chat , I'm sat on bed , it's nearly midnight, I remember the good days I would crawl into bed at 10pm & fall asleep no problems woke feeling refreshed & rekaxed, now feel like a deer in the headlights , I am on thyroid medication with a lot of side effects ,my biggest fear, at min is falling asleep. I'm feeling dizzy a lot think medication , gp gave me sleep aid it's the only thing helping me sleep at min , losing what's real side effects & what's anxiety just feel ill , its awful its turning me upside down anyone suffered with this night time thing, I started insiomnia bad middle of last year, before being diagnosed overactive thyroid , now it's worse lay down feel dizzy feel like pass out if go to sleep getting scared , binky noo ;-(

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Im here if you wanna talk buddy


Hey binkynoo

Looks like I'm not the only one who had a really bad night. I kept waking up feeling like I was going to pass out and now I'm laying here feeling so nauseous and dizzy. Thinking I may head to the hospital.

Hope your ok


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